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Random number Generator is a fast and reliable software tool adept at generating thousands of phone numbers randomly
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20 July 2013

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It is not possible to get hold of mobile phone number of your prospects which can help you go on with your business. To get the required mobile phone number you can either pay hefty sum to consulting firms or institutes who can bring you the money or you can go on finding and researching the numbers of the required persons one by one by visiting the websites or going door to door. Both the above ways incur money, while the later incur money as well as hassles. But to give a hand to all the budding firms that cannot sell out such hefty sum and still wished thousands of mobile phone numbers through which they can communicate then Phone Number Generator 7.5.0 is what we can bring to them.

As the name suggests, Phone Number Generator 7.5.0 can generate thousands of phone numbers with a click of a button and help you to communicate to all of them about your new business or product. Now let’s get to the technicalities of the application. UI of the application is very innate and interestingly simple when used. It offers two specific options – Random and Sequential, in which you can generate your numbers. You also can enter the range of numbers in the space of the UI where you can mention both numbers you want the mobile numbers. Specifying of the phone numbers and how many of them you need is also possible through it. Then you have to click on the `Generate` button to propel the application in its creation of the numbers. These numbers that the tool will generate can be stored in Excel format as well as in text format.

Phone Number Generator 7.5.0 hence can help you get thousands and thousands of phone or mobile phone numbers that can hence enable you to SMS or call them in growing the business. It scores earns a score of four rating points for giving a strong flip to your marketing efforts.

Publisher's description

Random Number Generator is an effective software tool developed to help the user to generate thousands of mobile numbers and save them. User can generate thousands of numbers in matter of minutes both randomly and sequentially by using few clicks of the mouse. This unique Number Generator Software is very simple to use. To generate random numbers user needs to select random option, Fix Range of numbers to be generated by entering First and Last number, enter total numbers to be generated and click on ‘Generate’ button to generate numbers while to generate numbers sequentially user needs to enter First and Last number and simply click on ‘Generate’ button. Tool allows the user to save generated numbers in .CSV and .TXT format opening in excel and notepad respectively. To save the numbers user needs to first click on ‘Save’ button. On clicking ‘Save’ button a dialog box appears. User has to simply select .CSV (Excel format) or .TXT format and click on ‘Save’ button in the dialog box to save numbers. The software can be valuable for companies relying on Bulk SMSs to sell their products or those involved in telemarketing. It is a fast and reliable software tool compatible with different versions of Windows like Windows 2007/Vista/XP/2003/2000.
key feature
It generates thousands of phone numbers within minutes.
It can generate random phone numbers within a fixed range.
It can generate phone numbers in sequence also.
Generated phone numbers can be saved in .CSV file (open in Excel) and .TXT format.
Fast and Reliable Tool
User Friendly Interface.
Phone Number Generator
Phone Number Generator
Version 7.5
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